Phobos, jMaki and GlassFish v3 -- in less than 2 seconds

A StopWatch

Check out Roberto's Report on his presentation at Web 2.0 Expo on (Scripting and the Java Platform: Productivity and Performance (slides). A very interesting presentation where he covered a number of areas, from Phobos and jMaki to Scala and GlassFish v3.

The presentation's main point is the importance of some sort of soft / hard architectural boundary in successful systems. I agree, variations of this are everywhere - as one example, see the plug-in architectures in JAXB, JAX-WS and Hudson. Roberto is appylying this principle in Phobos, and it is also implicit in the extensibility ideas of the Java EE 6 proposal.

The presentation also showed how these concepts are combined with the modularity principle of GlassFish v3 to deliver a very productive and performant system that has low footprint and very fast startup: less than 2 seconds.

JavaOne and CommunityOne will cover all these topics. At CommunityOne they will be partly in the Web 2.0 track (jMaki/Phobos) and partly at GlasssFish Day (GF v3). CommunityOne is free and includes keynotes, multiple sessions and demo stations, free lunch and goodies and complimentary access to some JavaOne events but you need to register.


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