Peru is also aware of Java EE 7!

IT in Latin America is not only about Brazil and Argentina (and their rivalry on soccer). The IT industry is also strong in other countries such as Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela, and others. So I  was in Peru on January 30th to present what's coming on Java EE 7.

 As I'm not so fluent in Spanish (yeap, Portuguese is not Spanish, sorry), I used slides in Portuguese and talked to the ITP_Java community using some sort of dialect in Brazil called "Portuñol". Attendees could learn Portuguese from the slides, and I could learn Spanish from them. It was an exciting experience for everyone! Language exchange and Java EE 7 learning!

Check my blog post for more details about the trip I did to Peru.

 If you are a Java developer and you live in Lima or in the surroundings, don't miss this Hackaton on March 16th! Jose Diaz will be talking about HTML and the Adopt a JSR program, specially the JSRs for WebSockets and JSON. 

Primer Hackaton Adopta un JSR: JSON, WebSockets y HTML5
¿Que veremos?

Usaremos Glassfish 4 y JSR 353(JSON) y 356(WSt), y HTML5 Websocket, Local Storage, web workers, forms y geolocation APIs. Y finalmente como hacer unit test de las implementaciones.

By the way, what do you think about Peru's Java mascot? Too green?


I think so is a great idea. I want to go... but i don't have too much time to go.

And regarding the mascot... is too green xD...

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