Patterns and Samples for GlassFish from Antonio and Adam

Kenai is back after its data center move (congrats to David, Lea, et al!) so this seems a good moment to remind GlassFish users of Adam and Antonio's projects on Patterns and Samples.  Both projects are based on best-selling books, both leveraging JavaEE 6 and using GlassFish.

Java EE Patterns and Best Practices is led by Adam Bien and is based on Real World Java EE Patterns. The samples are available under GPL; the project is very popular and has 335 members.

Beginning Java EE 6 is led by Antonio Goncalves.  The samples are based on Beginning JavaEE 6 Platform with GlassFish 3 and are available under ASL2.

The JavaEE SDK includes its own set of samples (glassfish-samples).  If you know of other significant, good-quality, sets of samples for GlassFish, post them as comments with a way to reach you. More GlassFish books here.


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