Patch 4 for GlassFish v2.1 Now Available


The latest sustaining (for-fee) release of the GlassFish Server is now available: GFv2.1p4 fixes 14 new bugs. GFv2.1p4 is also a patch release (p10) for the earlier GFv2U2; collectively all the patch releases in that family addressed 184 bugs.

Sustaining releases are available at the Basic level of Sun GlassFish Portfolio; higher subscription levels entitle different levels of customer support and access to the GlassFish Enterprise Manager

Recall that all our bug fixes also get incorporated into the next public release, in this case GFv2.1.1; patches give our customers the benefits of timely releases and isolated bug fixes; check Sun's GlassFish Support Model for more details.


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