Overview of GlassFish Day and CommunityOne

CommunityOne is taking its final form. The day (Monday, May 7th, 2007) starts with a general session and then we will break into multiple tracks, with a couple of breaks, including lunch. There will be multiple demos and technical stations during the day, and the day ends with a reception.


The tracks are:

• NetBeans
• GlassFish
• OpenJDK and Mobile & Embedded
• OpenSolaris
• Web 2.0
• Startup Camp
• RedMonk Community

The GlassFish community has 4 formal sessions in GlassFish Day where we will cover: GlassFish v2, Real Adoption Stories, Wider GlassFish Ecosystem and GlassFish Future. GlassFish content is also a big part of NetBeans Day and Web 2.0.

The content will continue to adjust in the next couple of weeks, up to the usual last minute announcements, and I'll be posting highlights as we settle them. We welcome your feedback to make this experience as informative, interesting and fun as possible; in the meantime, come and Register before it fills up.


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