Outage on java.net - Apr 27 12pm PT, 2012 to Apr 30 12pm PT, 2012

As we constantly improve the java.net infrastructure you will experience downtime starting around noon pacific time (7pm UTC) on Friday, April 27, through noon pacific time (7pm UTC) on Monday, April 30 for scheduled maintenance.

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Email aliases (*@*.java.net) for all projects hosted java.net will not be available. So users@glassfish, dev@glassfish, users@jersey, and other similar aliases will not be accessible, including their archives. The forums and downloads for these projects will not be accessible as well.

The GlassFish Update Center used to update your existing binaries will not be available. glassfish.org, which redirects to glassfish.java.net, and other project websites in *.java.net domain will not be accessible during the weekend.

The service will resume Monday Noon PT and we will post an update as services come back online. Thanks for your patience!


This is ridiculous.
If I did this I'd be fired.
Three flippin _days_...

Posted by guest on April 29, 2012 at 09:58 AM PDT #

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