OSS Nokalva Releases Tools for Fast Infoset - That makes 6 Implementations...

Logo of OSS Nokalva

Paul reports that OSS Nokalva has released OSS Nokalva Fast Infoset Tools (overview, technical details). They report a 3x compression size improvement and 5x speedup on average. OSS Nokalva has been involved in the development of the Fast Infoset Specification from the very beginning.

This makes at least six implementations of Fast Infoset: FI@java.net, Liquid XML, Noemax SDO, OSS Fast Infoset Tools, FIME and FIFI - all but the last two production quality. The Java.Net implementation is part of Project GlassFish and it is included in Sun's Application Server and Java WSDP, in the Java EE and Java SE SDKs, and in some other products that use the GlassFish Web Services stack, like JEUS from TMaxSoft.


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