OSGi Applications in GlassFish - the definitive guide (well almost)

Thanks to Sahoo, our OSGi applications expert and one of our most active participant on the mailing list, we now have an all-in-one "OSGi Applications in GlassFish" document packed with useful content (a first edition of the OSGi & GlassFish definitive guide in a sense ;)


This document focuses on the OSGi Enterprise features of GlassFish, also known as hybrid applications. This includes WAB packaging, JPA bundles, EJB as OSGi bundle or service, type-safe and dynamic injection of OSGi Services using Java EE 6's CDI, exposing HTTP/JTA/JDBC/JMS as OSGi services, tooling and more.

You can find this document and more linked off of the main OSGi page on the GlassFish wiki.


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