Oracle WebLogic 12c Launch Coverage

Yesterday was the big launch for the WebLogic team announcing Oracle WebLogic 12c with full Java EE 6 support and 200 other new features.

The launch webinar had many thousands of participants. Here is a short collection of early links related to the launch :


The press release
Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c

Webinar Slides
Oracle WebLogic 12c Executive Overview
Oracle WebLogic 12x Developer Deep Dive

Press coverage
Oracle WebLogic Server 12c looks to the cloud (iTWire)
Oracle Brings WebLogic 12 to the Cloud (ServerWatch)
Oracle Updates WebLogic for Cloud Usage (PCWorld)
Oracle klar med ny Weblogic Server (
Oracle WebLogic Server 12c To Feature Cloud, Java EE 6 and Java 7 Support (ADTmag)
Oracle Gears WebLogic Server 12c for the Private Cloud (ReadWrite)
Oracle set to unveil cloud-themed application server, WebLogic 12c (ComputerWorld)

WebLogic 12c over 200 new features (WebLogic Partner Community EMEA)
Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c - first experiences! (Markus)
Oracle Weblogic 12c is available and targets the cloud (Beyond Oracle)
WebLogic Server 12c launched (Ada Westerinen)
Oracle WebLogic 12c - Key Points from Online Launch Event (Simon Haslam)
Oracle WebLogic Server 12cの主要な新機能 (orablogs-jp)


biemond: Nice, WebLogic 12c -> EJB 3.1,  JPA2.0 , JSF2.0 , Maven,
Softw Load balancer, Transactions logs in database  (JTA?)  #weblogic

oracletechnet: With WebLogic 12c, you build apps once and then
deploy them any way you like: conventional systems, private cloud,
public cloud, or hybrid

stenvesterli: #WebLogic 12c installation: Unzip and run. Just like
in the good old OC4J days ;-) 

stenvesterli: Develop, run on Glassfish. Deploy to #weblogic using
Glassfish DD when/if needed

Next up are actual product availability (later this month) and Virtual Developer Days for Oracle WebLogic Suite 12c on January 24th and Feb 7th.

Oracle now has the best open source application server and the best commercial application server, both Java EE 6 certified. Now on to developing even more synergies between the two!


All of the features sounds amazing - however, I doubt that they offer any pricing that can be used by SMB's. Currently they want over 7900€ per processor for the current 11g Weblogic plus about 1500 p.a. for support. Now, beside that fact that cpu isn't quite easy to calculate in nowadays virtualized world (what the heck is a vm cpu like?) its also too expensive for small costumers - quite a shame. Even vm-w offers a entry level prized SMB Edition - either 500$ or 3500$ for up to 6 servers and 12 CPU (depending what features one need)!

JEE6 is the most easy java EE ever and its productive like nothing else - but what small company can afford 15 000 to 45 000 € for just an AppServer? plus 3000 to 9000 p.a. for support! - why not offer a small 500$ per Server CPU for a maximum of 6 server per company and charge for additonal ones at the current level? Then 20% of it as support (where support is pure patches - rest is self knowledge and/ or pay-per-incident) and voila....

(I know there is glassfish out there, but this is all about weblogic here - especially as anytime glassfish and weblogic will melt together, for that I'm quite sure);

Posted by KB on December 04, 2011 at 07:05 PM PST #

Hi KB, Thanks for your comment (even if you get "spam" notification posting your comment, it's just placed in a queue from which I can clear it)

First of all, the WebLogic packaging hasn't changed with this new release : SE/EE/Suite.

As an SMB, if you want to go the WebLogic route, then you may be interested in named user pricing which in some cases is very effective.

On the virtualization part I would really encourage you to look at OVM, a free product with a recent important version that enables sub-capacity licenses.

Now of course as you noted, there is also GlassFish which shares a lot of components with WebLogic. More sharing is to be expected in future releases both to avoid building two of anything but also to offer a natural upgrade path to WebLogic features such as OVAB, Active GridLink for RAC, Coherence EE, JRockit Real Time, etc... for GlassFish users.

With this new 12c release we not only have platform parity with Java EE 6, but also deployment descriptors from one product recognized in the other (and vice-versa), effectively giving you application portability across the two products. By the way, the two are unlikely to "melt" together given the open source and fast-paced nature of GlassFish.

Posted by Alexis MP on December 05, 2011 at 08:47 AM PST #

Hi Alexis,

thanks for clearing and answering me - that spam notifications made me mad :O

The problem with the named-user is, as far as I understood, is the fact that one can't use it for webapplications like an e-commerce shop as you can't name the users there. Its good to hear that glassfish is kept, but using the OS version of it means you need more often to upgrade your server as patches are not delivered that often while in the Oracle one you could stay at a version and be sure that criticals get fixed for a longer period. I somehow miss the offers from Oracle for smaller companies however. I mean you can even get on the SAP train for under 1000,- Euro - and they won't just give you a present with this but instead let you get familiar with them and if your happy they know you will be with them for long time (SMBs usually tend to grow over the time :) )

I mean even if Oracle is charging 5000 per Server (over 3 deployed - the VMW thing I mentioned) and you already have 3 running with it like a charm there is no doubt one would go that way instead of even trying out another vendor because one knows it went well last couple of years and another vendor is maybe cheaper but also quite a risk for business.

Posted by KB on December 06, 2011 at 06:50 PM PST #

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