Oracle NoSQL Database, Java-based

As you may have already read elsewhere, Oracle launched a Oracle NoSQL Database product at its recent OpenWorld Conference. The product data sheet is probably a good place to start.

Another very good read is Daniel Abadi's detailed and quality write-up. Oracle's Charles Lamb also has blog pretty much dedicated to this new product.


The product is a transactional and distributed key-value database with focus on Scalability, High Availability and Easy Admin. It has an open source version (soon available, use the trial OTN-licensed version for now), is built in Java (like many other NOSQL products) and specifically on BerkleyDB, it offers a simple get/put/delete Java API and can be downloaded from this page.

The product documentation is here.


Charles Lamb's blog has interesting information about Oracle NoSQL Database.

The OTN Forum for NoSQL Database is also an excellent resource. Feel free to post questions there.

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Thanks Charles!

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