Oracle Commits to GlassFish During JavaOne

JavaOne has been an opportunity for Oracle to recommit publicly to GlassFish. We presented the roadmap initially in March but repetition, some more details, and the bigger pulpit will spread the message more widely.

The most visible messages came Monday afternoon, during Thomas Kurian's JavaOne keynote, where GlassFish showed up multiple times. Thomas brought up GlassFish first in the context of Java EE 6, talking about the improvements to productivity, then in the adoption gains (9M d/l last year, more downloads than the year before), and then, again, in the context of Oracle's commitment to keeping GlassFish Open Source. Some of this was expected, although the number of mentions was a pleasant surprise.

Next was the first JavaEE-related demo, where Mike Lehmann showed developer productivity and modularity using NetBeans and GlassFish, while wearing our Special Edition GlassFish T-Shirt. In one of the demos he started with the Java EE full-profile, then reduced it, on-stage, to the Web profile. Demos are certainly much easier with a lightweight product like GlassFish.

The second JavaEE demo from the keynote was by Dave Moore from BioWare. He showed a trailer of Star Wars - The Old Republic and, among others, he mentioned that GlassFish played a key role in the back-end.  Very nice!

Other official messages came during the BOFs and Technical Sesions, including:

• The next version of WebLogic Server will be using HK2's kernel (only believe code? here it is!)

• GlassFish and WebLogic Server are increasing their component sharing components, in both directions - for example features from WLS's WS stack are being added to Metro, and improvements to JSF from JDeveloper and ADF.

Oracle also reaffirmed the GlassFish roadmap, including...

• Release of GlassFish 3.1 MS5 (aka build 20 - see map), the feature-complete milestone for 3.1 - including clustering and HA support.

• Positioning between GlassFish and WebLogic Server - no "departmental" tag line

I'll let you know when the slides for the community event are available

I hope the renewed commitments address misconceptions about GlassFish. The two most common false statements are "There will not be HA in GlassFish 3" and "You can't go production with the OSS version of GlassFish". Both are false.  Repeat after me... false :-)


Thanks for the good news. Does this Glassfish commitment extend to GlassfishESB?

Posted by Pius Onobhayedo on October 17, 2010 at 05:58 PM PDT #

Oracle is treating OpenESB as a product to support while helping its customers to transition to their main integration products.

Posted by Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart on October 18, 2010 at 12:37 AM PDT #

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