OpenWorld 2009 Keynotes - Scott and Larry


The first 4 recordings of the keynotes from Oracle OpenWorld are now available. The recordings are very well done: they are available for download in multiple formats (flash video/audio, mp4, mp3, ppt, txt) and the web viewer synchronizes video, audio, slides and transcript; nice!

One of the recordings is of Scott's Keynote. He did a bit of a retrospective on Sun, including some early days clips and a couple of top 10's. Scott's biggest applause was for his "proudest innovation":

"Kicked Butt, Had Fun, Didn't Cheat, Loved Our Customers, Changed Computing Forever"

The rest of Scott's keynote included a short visit by James and a longer one by John where he talked about the latest, benchmark-leading, flash-based, Sun systems. Larry closed the session, using the new systems to tease IBM on multiple fronts.

Scott's keynote was on Sunday; Larry's just finished a few minutes ago (Wednesday).

Larry's recording should be available "soon"; when it does, you may want to do a skim through the slides/transcript and slow down to video for those sections on which you are most interested. He covered four topics: an update on Oracle Enterprise Linux adoption, Exadata/Hardware, new Support Offering that combines MyOracle and their Enterprise Manager (quite similar in spirit to Sun's efforts), and an overview of the new Fusion Apps. He mentioned the cloud multiple times! Ah, and our Governator came for a quick visit!

The section on Fusion Apps was very interesting - I think Larry does a very good job to show the value prop (to the customers!) of the newly rewritten Apps. I had not really understood what the rewritten Apps really meant to Oracle and their customers. For example, he emphasized several times that Business Intelligence is built-in into the Apps, and that the UI is driven from there.

That's it for me on OOW. I spent about a day and a half at OpenWorld and Oracle Develop and I enjoyed the experience - although Very Different to JavaOne! You can get a feel for the content and experience from the web posts - posts at Blogs.Sun.Com, Blogs.Oracle.Com, Twitter posts and Flickr images.

Added - Also see this Flickr set of Fusion Apps screenshots.
Added - Additional keynotes now available: Thomas Kurian.
Added - Direct link to Scott's Higlights Video.
Added - Link to Ted Farrell's @ OTN (uses livestream, which broadcasts "channels", not a plain recording; I think that link will start the channel into your client from the beginning of the clip, but not 100% sure).


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