OpenSSO Mid-September Roundup

There's been so much happening in the OpenSSO community over the past week or two, I haven't kept up with covering it here at The Aquarium. Here's a quick roundup:

OpenSSO Logo

Sun Super-SE Shesh Kondi describes how to deploy OpenSSO and its Java EE agents onto Weblogic on Mac OS X. This isn't a supported combination, but it's really handy for demos and development.

At Sun Developer Network, the latest in the 'From the Trenches at Sun Identity' series, Sidharth Mishra talks to Marina Sum about Security for Web Services.

One I picked up on Google Alerts - Qingfeng Zhang has integrated OpenSSO with JA-SIG CAS, allowing users to login to CAS and access resources protected by OpenSSO.

If you haven't already given OpenSSO a whirl, go sign up to the project, download the bits and do it now - you may just win some goodies from the CafePress OpenSSO store.

Finally, a great example of an open source community in action - OpenSSO authentication providers for Spring and Seraph. These are integrations in the 'opposite direction' from the CAS one above, allowing users to login to OpenSSO and access resources protected by Spring Security and Atlassian Seraph (the latter used by Jira and Confluence).

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