Sun OpenSSO Express - Support for OpenSSO Stable Milestones!

Transparent development opens the development milestones to users. Often these milestones are just a path to using the final releases - as in GlassFish Enterprise Support - but for some users the milestones may have the right combination of features/stability/timeliness and they "just want support for it". And today, to address this need for Open SSO users, Sun announced OpenSSO Express.


Sun OpenSSO Express provides support (in standard, premium and premium plus levels) for the stable milestones in OpenSSO bundled, at no extra cost, with the support of final releases of Sun Access Manager, Identity Management or Java Enterprise System.

The Express model is applicable to any open source projects, but, so far, it is only available for OpenSSO. Details on Sun OpenSSO Express are available at here and it can be downloaded here


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