Painless Bleeding Edge Software? OpenSSO Express Build 7 Now Available


The Smoking Monkey has announced the release of OpenSSO Express Build 7, which includes key new features including:

• Federation with Google Apps Premier
• Additional Containers (like GlassFish v3 Prelude!)
• Support for OpenDS Standard Edition

OpenSSO Express is a very interesting product as it is an integral part of our official Roadmap and is fully supported. Sun will answer questions and will fix bugs on it but, unlike with OpenSSO Enterprise, customers are required to upgrade to a later Express or to the Enterprise binary to get the fixes.

The upgrade requirement means that the sustaining tail is much shorter, and manageable, which is why we can push the Express releases as often as we do. An Express release is not for all types of customers but it is ideal for those that want the latest features now and are willing to upgrade later; and those that do not want them just wait for the Enterprise releases. To simplify the sales story, the support plan for OpenSSO Enterprise includes OpenSSO Express.

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