OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Launched

OpenSSO Second Life Launch

OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 got off to a flying start yesterday with its launch in Second Life (event replay). The IdentiCat himself, OpenSSO senior product line manager Daniel Raskin, and director of engineering for OpenSSO, Jamie Nelson, were on hand to explain how OpenSSO meets three tough challenges of single sign-on - Web access management, federation and secure Web services.

Daniel and Jamie showed how OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0, known in its last release as Sun Access Manager, adds many new features, as well as being the first commercial release from the open source OpenSSO project. We've covered many of these features here at The Aquarium as they have appeared in OpenSSO; for instance, OpenDS as OpenSSO's embedded configuration store, the Fedlet and identity services.

Back in what passes as the real world, the OpenSSO launch was widely covered by press and analysts - I've listed some of the more interesting articles and quotes over at my blog, Superpatterns.

As Daniel explained in the Second Life presentation, there's plenty more in store for OpenSSO - the focus in upcoming releases will be on areas such as carrier-grade monitoring, yet more work on ease of use, and entitlement management. As always, we'll carry the OpenSSO headlines here at The Aquarium, but if you want to immerse yourself in the OpenSSO river of news, subscribe to Planet OpenSSO.


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