OpenSSO adds Active Directory support to its Configurator

Thumbs Up Duke

Dennis is the tech lead for OpenSSO, and just about the hardest working guy I know (460 commits last time I looked - almost certainly more by now!).

Anyway - Dennis just blogged that the OpenSSO WAR Configurator now supports Active Directory as a datastore. Explanation: You install OpenSSO by just deploying the WAR file into a suitable container - just about any servlet container will do, though some work better than others. When you first go to OpenSSO's URL, it detects that it has not yet been configured and shows the Configurator page.

OpenSSO can use a variety of repositories for its configuration data (separately from the choice of user repository or authentication method). We have supported flat files and Sun Java System Directory Server for some time now; we just added support for Active Directory.

So - if you're curious, go download OpenSSO and give it a whirl.


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