OpenMQ 4.2 final released!

OpenMQ 4.2 logo

OpenMQ, the high-quality and Open Source JMS implementation integrated into GlassFish and OpenESB has now reached 4.2 final. OpenMQ is rock-solid and now has wildcard topic destinations, XML message validation, C-API support tested with Tuxedo, support for MySQL Cluster Edition for HA, MySQL Enterprise Edition for standard JDBC message stores, and more.

If you are new to OpenMQ, check this features list. Full product documentation is available here, the user FAQ is there and the mailing list is at And you're interested in what's coming next, be sure to checkout the roadmap: more APIs, especially scripting and .Net, but also "Better administration integration with GlassFish".

People are noticing the quality and Big references are coming. In the meantime, make sure you've listened to's and SNCF's production use of OpenMQ.

To track OpenMQ, follow the openmq tag.


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