... OpenESB tutorials, SWIFT Demonstrator, GlassFish-powered service launching, OpenSSO and v3

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From Patrice, we now have a Java CAPS 6 / SWIFT Demonstrator initially put together in Benelux and now ready to be shared with requesting customers (VirtualBox images included).

From the other side of the Atlantic, Tom Barrett's Open ESB Tutorials are four detailed documents on getting started, tooling, event processing, and monitoring for OpenESB and Java CAPS release 6. Tom is asking for your feedback.

Johan, a GlassFish pioneer and creator of Dali is reporting on the launch of vi.be, an online social music service powered by GlassFish and Dali.

Rajeev shares his work on making OpenSSO Webstart Prototype : QuickSetup. Building on the GlassFish v3 embedded API, this provides OpenSSO users, testers, and demoers a very nice experience.


Tom Barrett's OpenESB tutorials are astonishing! This will help our developers get started with OpenESB. Also, I remember the very expensive SeeBeyond training courses from the past, SUN is really serious about what "Open" means!

Promise to provide feedback and share my experiences from other groups comming from eGate trying to figure out OpenESB.

Posted by George de la Torre on September 10, 2008 at 10:57 PM PDT #

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