OpenESB or Java CAPS ... or Fuji or GlassFish ESB


OpenESB, Java CAPS, Fuji, GlassFish ESB... how do they relate to each other?

Jason takes a crack at the Differences between Java CAPS and OpenESB. As he himself points out, some of the timing details are still settling down and we might add additional support offerings, but at the least we will do what he describes.

OpenESB itself is re-parenting into the overall GlassFish umbrella, with shared principles and increased synergies and Fuji is the core of its next version, exploiting the OSGi modularity. Fuji got a very positive response during JavaOne. We have a few Fuji-related entries piled in the TheAquarium draft list and Andi will be joining TA to cover this area.

GlassFish ESB is the bundling of OpenESB with GlassFish, with support from Sun. describes itself as a "community", but I think the activity is mostly going to happen within the "OpenESB" aliases and forums. We rushed some of the description material for JavaOne but since then I've been in internal follow-ups with the key stakeholders and I think we are all in agreement about this.


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