OpenDS 2.0 Community Translations - Did you Know About CTI?


There is now a Community-Driven project that is Localizing OpenDS 2.0 using the CTI. Languages can be added on demand, the current list includes French, German, Japanese, Polish and Spanish. Details in the posts by Hajma and Ludo, in the Wiki page and in this thread.

In general, the last couple of months have seen a significant growth on OpenDS adoption (MarkMail). I think this is driven by OpenDS 2.0 and also by additional voices like Matthew.

BTW, I believe that DocWeb, James's JavaDoc-driven community translation tool, is still active. And the NetBeans and OpenOffice folks have been doing community-driven translations for quite a while. I'll try to collect general status and tools used and will report back.

Added - If you are interested in OpenDS, pencil in 11am PT on the 23rd for their online webinar. We will post details at the Webinar Page.


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