One More Update on OpenWorld and GlassFish

Oracle OpenWorld started today. Family commitments didn't let me go there today (do check OpenWorld Live) but I'm planning to be there Mon-Wed. I just tried to capture a few of the events I want to attend and it is as bad as JavaOne - actually, OOW seems worse, but I'm just sampling it, while I try to be exhaustive with J1.

I created a Mini-Calendar to help me track what I want to attend (ha!); you are welcome to check it but beware I've not had time to double check it yet and I need to add events also.

Anyhow, here is a last batch of links on the event:


Key entry points from Oracle include OpenWorld WebSite, OpenWorld Live (keynotes et al, starting in 1 hour), and OpenWorld Blogs (looks very good).

Added - The conference can also be sliced per-track, see: Middleware, Applications, DataBase, Industries and Management and Infrastructure.

Links from Sun's site include Sun.Com/java/oow, Sun.Com/software/solaris/oow, SDN Overview and OOW @ BSC.

Added - Sun and Oracle are making several announcements during the conference; check this very good Overview Story.

There are multiple Pavillions; Oracle OpenWorld is Mon & Tue 10:30-6:30, Wed 9-5:15; Oracle Develop is Sun 10-3:45, Mon 9:30-12:45 & 2:15-5:30, Tue 11-5:30.

Multiple Sun folks have been posting "I'll be there" entries. Check these from JAG, TimBray, Vijay Tatkar, SteveW, JFA.

The bloggers meeting is Tuesday evening; see OTN, Pythian and Jillian's

OTN has a Guide to the Event. Also worth checking their list of OTN ACE presenters. I also found it interesting to see the level of transparency in their discussion of how to Mutate the TechCast DNA.

The GF Server presentations are listed in our Wiki: Sessions and Demos. Also see MEP demo (will update if I find more).


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