Number 9 - GlassFish from the UK

I am planning to start highlighting some of our regular contributors from around the world.


Number 9 (Dick Davies) regularly covers GlassFish and Solaris from the UK. I like his posts, they are useful, very detailed and tie things nicely together.

Some of Number 9's blogs on GlassFish include:

Adding SSL Keypairs to Java Keystores
Sharing JVMs Across Zones
Roller on GlassFish
SMF GlassFish on Port 80
DTracing Zoned JVMs
GlassFish in a Zone

Check out Number 9, specially if you are using (or are considering using) GlassFish on Solaris!

PS - I am not sure why the blog is called number 9; my best guess would be because of Hello, Operator from The White Stripes, but I'm sure Dick will correct me :-)... While searching I also found this very Nice Set of Photos) posted by a Number 9!


Yeah, I'm a big Stripes fan :)

Looking forward to GFv2 final - Solaris 10 update 4 came out yesterday, which includes all the bits I've been tinkering with in Solaris Express.

So anyone who wants to use this stuff in production can now get support very soon.

Posted by Dick Davies on September 04, 2007 at 06:41 PM PDT #

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