Now's a good time to look into JBI

Ron Ten Hove, JBI spec lead at JavaPolis

One of the many new features for GlassFish v2 is an integrated JBI implementation. Gregg Sporar has done some nice digging on that subject. To get your feet wet, he recommends this resource and the specification's first four chapters.

Since Gregg is a NetBeans evangelist, there's a tooling part of the story. The forthcoming NetBeans Enterprise Pack (version 5.5.1) has new and improved XML and SOA features such as a Service Assembly "casa" editor, graphical WSDL and XSLT editors, and an Intelligent Event Processor.

JBI implementations are listed here, while JBI components and engines are enumerated there. Most of these are Open Source and there are also examples of mix and matching such as this one.


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Posted by james lorenzen on February 23, 2007 at 04:06 AM PST #

I also agreed that this is a good time to look into JBI. Apache ServiceMix just released version 3.1. OpenESB is now super easy to use now that it comes bundled with Glassfish. Also the Glassfish admin console includes some nice JBI support to install/deploy components/service assemblies. I haven't played with the Netbeans tools, but I have heard they are really cool. If you need something else, ServiceMix has created a maven2 plugin to handle the packaging automatically. Most importantly I think is your mentioning of the Open JBI Components project. Two new components have recently been released under this project: an Encoding Service Engine and a JBI Mock Framework. These components are actively being developed and are looking for developers and testers. Feedback would also be great. Please visit the Open JBI Components project on for more information.

Posted by james lorenzen on February 26, 2007 at 03:17 AM PST #

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