... OpenJDK Porting Projects; VEGA using Wonderland; JavaFX Reviews;

A compilation of today's news of interest to our readers:

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From the OpenJDK Porting List, two new approved projects: BSD Port and Zero-Assembler project which dispenses with the need of an assembler to improve portability.

Two initial evaluations of the JavaFX SDK Preview. From the InfoWorld Test Center: Via Chhandomay and Java Developers Journal, via JavaFX Blog. Both are positive reviews; let's hope the momentum continues and grows.

From Wonderblog, reports of VEGA using Wonderland in a Virtual Academy. As a recap, wonderland (part of Looking Glass) is a toolkit for creating collaborative 3D virtual worlds; the standard server-side for it is the wonderland server, which is based on DarkStar, although other back-ends are possible (like the GlassFish-based Underworld project).


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