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We use GlassFishForBusiness to announce all GlassFish releases, both public and restricted. Recently, one of its readers asked:

Will GlassFish become just like JBoss, with an open source (so-called, "General Availability") branch with few releases (most notably, only versions x.y.0 and no corrective versions) and only a commercial version which fixes even the most critical issues?

(A similar observation is described here)

We have addressed these questions previously ([1], [2], [3]) but those entries were a bit stale. I just did a cleanup pass at GFFB to update the content; check out:

To preempt accusations of unfairness, another obvious difference between JBoss and GlassFish is that JBoss does not have closed source AddOns while Oracle GlassFish Server does. But, as a counter, if you don't think Oracle's AddOns (and support and sustaining) don't give you value, don't buy them.


I've just written a post to describe JBoss' model :

Rich Sharples
Red Hat

Posted by Rich Sharples on November 20, 2010 at 10:44 PM PST #

I like the model by which a developer can use a given (stable) version and know that operations will get a supported superset that is bug for bug compatible (by definition).

Maybe most importantly, I like a model that's easy to explain/understand/operate.

Posted by Alexis MP on November 21, 2010 at 04:25 AM PST #

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