New Woodstock Components in NetBeans 6.1


The Woodstock JSF Component Library (Woodstock@TA) is open source and enterprise-ready, is used in the GlassFish AppServer and other projects and is included in the NetBeans IDE.

Woodstock is changing in NetBeans 6.1 and James Branam is documenting the changes. There is a new Look to the Palette, and new Accordion and Bubble Help components. Expect more updates as we get closer to Woodstock 4.2 and NB6.1 final; see Roadmap.

You can download the Woodstock components manually from their Web Site, or you get them bundled with the NetBeans 6.x distributions, or you can download them automatically through the GlassFish Update Center.

Some additional Woodstock links include: the Live Preview site, the Documentation Hub and a list of the Browsers and Containers Supported. The latter include GlassFish - duh! - and also Tomcat 6, WebLogic 10 and JBoss 5.


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