Phobos Interest - Mailing List, Press, New Blogger...


Phobos was included in the latest Sun Web Developer Pack. The SWDP was released a week ago but it was announced this week at AJAX World, which is a bit unusual but the timing and venue of the announcement (and the content, one hopes!) has generated a lot of interest in the Press, including SysCon, CBR, eWeek.

Hopefully all this will lead to more users and contributors, and, indeed, the USERs list has jumped from 2 to 86 in two weeks. The dev team is going to be very busy! I also noticed that Tony Zakula has started a blog about Phobos; it will be interesting the situation by Java One.

More information on Phobos is at the web site, including an Intro page and more In-Depth Documentation. Also see Roberto's blog and his recent Presentation at JMaki Day.


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