New OpenSSO Articles at Sun Developer Network

Access Manager Authorization Architecture

Over at the Sun Developer Network, Marina Sum has been on a tear this past week or so, with two articles on OpenSSO and its sister product, Sun Java System Access Manager. Last week, she and I published Single Logout: A Demo, a follow-up to February's article Switch on SAML for PHP With Project Lightbulb, covering Project Lightbulb's evolution into OpenSSO Extensions and its implementation of SAML 2.0 single logout. Much discussion of the mechanics of single logout and its implementation in the OpenSSO SAML 2.0/PHP Extension.

Today, Marina and Robert Skoczylas of Indigo Consulting published Developing Secure Applications with Sun Java System Access Manager, Part 1: Basic Authorization. This article, part 1 of a series, presents a case study of implementing authentication, single sign-on, and authorization at a fictional health-care insurance company. Great stuff, working from a high-level description of the problem right down to specific Access Manager customizations.


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