Jersey News - 1.0.1 in Update Center; New Examples; Roadmap; Webinar


Jersey 1.0.1 is Now Available with many changes and improvements, including improved integration with Spring, new MIME multipart API, Maven archetypes, samples, and IoC SPI (see Paul's overview). The easiest way to install it is from the Update Centers: GFv3 UC and GFv2 UC.

The Jersey team is already working on the next release 1.0.2 (see Roadmap), and also collaborating with the EJB 3.1 EG on the Integration with EJB 3.1.

Arun also recently published two new tips on Jersey: Jersey and Embedded GlassFish and Jersey's Client API. And you may also want to pencil in January 15th for a Webinar set on this area - see GlassFish.TV schedule.



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