New Java Application Platform SDK is out with companion Java EE 5 SDK and SJS AS

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Sun has added a new Java EE-related download bundle, the Java Application Platform SDK. This first release of the new SDK adds Access Manager functionality to the traditional Java EE SDK; future releases will add more functionality.

With this addition, there are now 3 Java EE 5 related bundles (see at-a-glance) all including an updated Application Server, based on GlassFish V1 UR1. And so are the new NetBeans 5.5 bundles.

Here is a brief overview of the different pieces:

GlassFish V1 UR1 - This is the community-lead project that delivers the comercial quality App Server that is also the Java EE 5 RI.
Sun Java System Application Server 9.0 UR1 - This is the Sun-supported distribution of the above. Most people will get this through one of the bundles below but here is a direct link.
Java EE SDK - The traditional SDK bundle around the above. Most developers will get the AppServer through this download.
Java Application Platform SDK - Adds additional functionality like Access Manager that is not defined by the JCP specifications but are useful to write Enterprise Applications
Java EE Tools SDK - This is a full bundle with everything in the Java Application Platform SDK plus all the relevant tools.

Java EE SDK downloads are available from the Java EE Downloads page. NetBeans-related bundles are available from the NB 5.5 Downloads.


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