New GlassFish with MySQL Bundle Now Available

Sun Cube Balanced on Sakila with Sparkies

First step in a long-term relationship: we have posted a GlassFish and MySQL bundle to our usual Download Page. This bundle consists of GF V2 U1 with the MySQL Community Server 5.0 (5.0.51a) and MySQL JDBC driver 5.1.6.

The MySQL acquisition was finalized a month ago, on Feb 26th. This first bundle is intended to expose the MySQL Server to the GlassFish community. We will do more complete offerings later in the year, after the JavaOne rush.

Check out the bundle details in the writeup by the project lead, Sathyan. As usual, feedback on the release to

More blogs and useful pointers on the topic:

• Sathyan Intro and Instructions.
• Alexis has Overview and Setup.
• Sreeni shows how to Run Sample Apps.
• Docs.Sun.Com documentation covers Install, Start and Stop MySQL Server.


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