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Laird wrote this comment to my post on "Staying the Course"

Thanks, guys; it's got to be hard producing a great application server on a skeleton crew. Your work is VERY much appreciated.

Very nice comment, but I wanted to follow-up on the skeleton part.

We can always use some extra recs (Steve?) and we miss some old friends and contributors that chose not to stay at Oracle, but GlassFish is one of Oracle's strategic projects and it's benefited from Oracle's focus.

Here are four faces that you probably remember from previous projects at Sun that became key members of GlassFish in the last few months.  They are all very senior Sun engineers with experience in many Sun projects. Clockwise from top left:

Chris Kasso - Previously in the Java Enterprise System and Update Center; currently the GlassFish 3.1 Engineering Lead.
Tom Mueller - Previously in the Open Portal project; currently GlassFish Admin and Infrastructure Lead.
Joe Di Pol - Previously in the Java Enterprise System and Update Center; currently Update Center and helping in multiple fronts.
Santiago Pericas-Geersten - Previously in the GlassFish Mobility Platform; just joined the GlassFish Web Tier project.

There are many more contributors to GlassFish.  Some contribute directly, some to subprojects.  Many work at Oracle, but others, like HervĂ© Souchaud and Romain Grecourt at Serli folks, do not.  I've tried a few times to get a full list of the contributors; at some point I had collected all the folks that had submitted bugs see GlassFish Poster Project and this (now out-of-date) list - maybe time to try again.


Oh my goda . how big this pumpkin

Posted by shelia shi on September 01, 2010 at 07:07 PM PDT #

We will miss Tom in the portal-interest alias

Posted by Alex on September 06, 2010 at 11:29 PM PDT #

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