New and old faces on the JCP executive committees

The results for the JCP 2011 Executive Committee (EC) Election are in.

In the SE/EE committee, Ericsson AB, SAP and Intel are all reelected with ratified seats (Intel's last term was as an open-elected member).


Azul Systems and Twitter (which also happen to be the latest additions to OpenJDK) are the two companies filling the open-elected seats. Leaving the SE/EE committee are VMWare and Werner Keil (Werner actually "moved" to the ME committee).

With More than 23% of eligible members casting votes in this election, that's much more than the 11% seen for the 2011 EC Special Election but probably less than what one could hope for.

Full details for this vote (including results for the ME Executive Committee) are disclosed on this JCP page. The complete Executive Committees are listed on this other page (needs update as of this writing).


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