NetBeans Plug-In for Sun Web Server

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There is now a NetBeans 5.0 Plug-In to develop, deploy and debug WebApps onto Sun's WebServer 7.0 Technology Preview. Mukesh and Marina's article shows How to Use the Plug-In , just note that the article was posted two weeks ago and it refers to the original TP, but TP2 was released yesterday.

The Java Web-Tier implementation used in Sun's WebServer 7.0 is from SJS AS 8.2 (based on J2EE 1.4) to match the rest of the Java Enterprise System, but WS 7.x has been designed to allow a quick rev into the Java EE 5 versions of these specifications (In contrast, WS 7.0 already includes JAX-WS 2.0).

For more information, check: Product Page, the Web Server hub at SDN, NetBeans' Web Server home page and the WS Forum.


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