NetBeans 6.5 is out

NetBeans 6.5

We've covered NetBeans 6.5 progress (Beta, RC) previously and we're now very happy to report on the final release.

As always, the "New and Noteworthy" page is a great reference for the many new features, the big ones and (what can appear as) the smaller ones. "Compile-On-Save" is probably a little bit of both and certainly plays very well with the Deploy-On-Change feature and GlassFish v3's session preservation across redeployments. Support for PHP and Groovy/Grails are also additional signs of the ongoing push on dynamic and scripting languages on the JVM.

Get your favorite NetBeans IDE Bundle from the download page, it's very well organized. Note that you can start small and add features with a finer granularity if you want. You'll see that GlassFish is included in the "Java" bundle, but also that GlassFish v3 Prelude is in the Ruby bundle.


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