NetBeans 6.1 RC released, includes recent GlassFish v2 ur 2 builds

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The NetBeans folks are releasing 6.1 Candidate Release (RC 1) today. That means they're pretty much on track for a final release in the next few weeks.

This release is a "performance release", brings back the JSF/JPA CRUD generator, provides much enhanced JavaScript support, integrated MySQL in the Database Explorer, introduces Sharable Libraries, and supports the latest version of GlassFish v2 (ur 2 builds in fact).

You can decide to download the 108-MB Web & Java EE bundle (or the all-you-can-eat bundle) and get GlassFish out of the box or simply add a separate GlassFish installation to NetBeans 6.1. You can also add Java EE and Web support to the 26-MB installer.


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