N1SPS Application Server Plugin article

N1SPS screenshot

We've previously covered N1 SPS (Service Provisioning System). This new article goes into much greater details about how such a solution and specifically its application server plug-in can help in your larger-scale multi-tier deployment scenarios.

The article specifically goes into what a master server and a remote agent are, how a local distributor can help optimize network and firewall communications, how the concept of a component maps to a GlassFish domain or cluster, and how a plan is really a set of instructions requiring a set of variables to be executed. Running a plan can be done as "preflight only" or for real "deployment".

You'll learn how N1 SPS can provision existing installations of GlassFish v2 or carry out entire installations and deployments of SJS Application Server 9.1. This product is really meant for the provisioning of multi-tier deployments. For instance, it lets you install the load-balancing plug-in in the web server tier or manage HADB installation and node management.


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