MySQL Summer of Code 2008

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The Google Summer of Code 2008 just started. Check out the Program Site and its FAQ. GlassFish did not apply to the program this year, but I'm happy to see that MySQL did and got accepted.

Kaj provides an Introduction to the program, with a pointer to the Project Ideas and Giuseppe has a Call for Mentors. Also check out the ideas for MySQL Proxy (Giuseppe) and those for PHP (Jay).


Great stuff, ecpercerly MySQL proxy is looking good. Am I however the only one who long for a Oracle style "CONNECT BY" statement in MySQL for easy handling of hirachical data ?. Also a MINUS/EXCEPT operator so I can do:

select GROUP_ID from GROUPS
select GROUP_ID from MEMBERS;

instead of:

select g.GROUP_ID from GROUPS g where not exists
(select null from MEMBERS m where g.GROUP_ID = m.GROUP_ID);

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