MySQL-SailFin White Paper: Creating a Carrier Grade Service Execution Environment

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SIP technology, the basis of Project SailFin, is consolidating its position as the leading standard for setting up and tearing down converged multimedia communication sessions. Communication Service Providers are investing in Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) to leverage the opportunity presented by the network convergence.

The Service Execution Environment is a key layer of any SDP, and the application servers and databases are the key components of this layer.

A new white paper about Creating a Carrier Grade Service Execution Environment with MySQL Cluster and the Sun GlassFish Communications Server is available now. Take a look. You need a MySQL account to access the white paper.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting a series of entries to take a closer look at SailFin, specifically the SIP container. If you havent tried SailFin so far, give it a whirl.


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