MySQL and GlassFish Webinars - Sailfin, JRuby, High Availability, and more

In the last few months Sun has expanded significantly our online outreach efforts and we currently have (at least :-)) three Webinar series that cover the GlassFish products. Going through them:


The MySQL webinars are polished presentations that are broadcasted in high-quality and targeted at specific busines needs. Future presentations include Binod on MySQL and SailFin and Arun on JRuby, NetBeans and GlassFish. These presentations are also available for Replay.

A very similar series is the new Software Webinar series. Future events include OpenSSO and MDM; replays available include GlassFish HA and more.

Finally, we also have our weekly TheAquarium Online. These Community presentations, broadcasted using uStream.TV are more informal and technical.


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