MyEclipse Support SJS AS 9.0 (GlassFish)

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MyEclipse 5.0 has been released and it includes support for SJS AS 9.0. This is very welcome and shows the steady adoption of Project GlassFish. In a quick scan I noticed JavaScript and Matisse support (not for Mac OS X - drawbacks of using SWT). The release requires Eclipse 3.2 SDK.

Additional information from the New and Noteworthy and the MyEclipse home page.


As a clarification, the Matisse4MyEclipse support is \*not\* available for Mac due the Eclipse SWT bug. Support is available for Linux and Windows only. Thanks much, and we're happy to support the Glassfish project.

Posted by Jens E on August 07, 2006 at 06:03 AM PDT #

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