More Servlet 3.0 PRD Previews: Asynch Support, Improved Servlet and Filter Registration

The Public Review Draft of Servlet 3.0 is winding its way through the JCP office and should be out very soon. To go along with it Rajiv recently wrote a Brief Update (from ERD) and then a longer Overview of PRD and Shing Wai wrote a review of the Annotation Details. Now we have two more posts, this time from Rajiv and Jan.


Rajiv covers the new Async APIs. This area addresses at least 3 different use cases: waiting for the availability of a resource, generating a response asynchronously and leveraging existing frameworks.

Jan's post talks about the Servlet and Filter Registration APIs, which allow runtime registration (instead of only being available via web.xml). Note that Jan writes about changes agreed by the EG after the PRD.

If you are interested in the Servlet 3.0 Specification (or the Java EE 6 Platform), you can join us next week at our next Webinar set. Check out the details at Wiki Page. If you can't attend but have questions for the presenters, just add them as comments to the page and I'll make sure to rely them and to post the answers; I already posted a first question.

Added - The JCP PMO has formally posted the PRD.


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