More Scripting Languages - Jython and Python - And GlassFish


Python joins the club! Ted and Frank have joined Sun to work on Python and Jython (On the Record, eWeek, Infoworld). They join JRuby and JavaScript and Groovy and Quercus(PHP) - and others! - as part of the non-Java on (J)VM family.

Welcomes from Vivek, Kuldip, Roman and Rich. I worked briefly with Ted years ago around JAXP, and Frank and I have talked a number of times about Jython and GlassFish. A very strong welcome!

We are committed to making GlassFish the best server-side platform available. We can do a lot with GFv2 and much more with GFv3. By themselves and together with Java EE 6. The future will be very interesting!

Added - Both Frank and Ted have written about why they chose to join Sun, check it here and here.


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