More in JSF 2.0 Preview Series - Custom Managed Bean Scopes

Ryan's latest installement in his JSF 2.0 Preview series shows how to implement Custom Managed Beans through the new custom scope view and the managed-bean-scope element in faces-config.xml or via the @CustomScoped annotation.

The full series is:


Part 1 - Packaging / Project Staging
Part 2.1 - Resources
Part 2.2 - Resource APIs
Part 2.3 - Resources and EL
Part 3 - Publish/Subscribe Event System
Part 4 - Resource Re-location
Part 5 - EDR1 Potpourri
Part 6 - Implicit Navigation
Part 7 - Custom Managed Beans (latest addition)

PS. The picture is that of the Tuxtla Statuette, which is from the La Mojarra; used here as Mojarra is the project name of the GlassFish JSF implementation.


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