More JavaOne 2011 content on

Following-up quickly on the recent update to JavaOne 2011 content on, you will now find another 15 (free) sessions on the official JavaOne 2011 channel.


There are now a total of 48 sessions and the new ones include :
• "Why Java is an Ideal Platform for DevOps Automation"
• "From DevOps to NoOps: 10 cloud services you should be using"
• "HTML5 and Java: The Facts and the Myths"
• "Clusters in the Clouds: Dynamically Scaling Application Server Clusters with the Cloud"
• "Experiences with Java EE-enabled PaaS"
• "Networks as information Factories"
• "Java for legacy code reengineering"
• "Couchbase - NoSQL for social Game Scaling and performance"
• "More JVM tuning from the Pros"


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