More Free Classes - Web Infrastructure and Identity

Beer from a Gravity Tap

The entry on the Free Web Class on SJS AS 9.0 (Project GlassFish) was very popular and some people asked for other free offers, so here are a couple I have found.

(WMT-ECR-1508) Web Infrastructure Suite is a free, Flash-based, 1 hour Web Course that covers Sun's Web Server, Web Proxy, and related products.
(WMT-IDM-1400) Identity Suite is a free, Flash-based, 2 hour Web Course that covers the concepts of Identity and Sun's Identity Management Products.

The catalog for "new and upcoming" is here; I've been told that later in the summer there will be a very comprehensive set of Web-based classes on Java EE 5.

I'm more of a wine (and cava) person but I do like good beer, and there is no saying about "free cava"...

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