JCP activity - JSR 267 Early Draft Review now available


Ed Burns, the spec lead for JSF 2.0, is back from Europe with Pomodoro envy and is announcing the Early Draft Review of JSR 276, JSF Component Metadata. Ed describes in this blog entry what the intended audience is for JSR 267 (mainly design-time folks).

JSF 2.0 was pretty much a reboot that brought great new features (facelets, ajax, optional faces-config.xml, composite components ...) with support from runtimes (GlassFish v3 of course, early builds of JBoss but also the recent WebLogic release) as well as from IDEs (NetBeans and IntelliJ mainly at this point with JDeveloper 11g getting there in its next major release and Eclipse also gaining preliminary support in its Helios release).

The metadata part of JSF 2.0 has its dedicated JSR which, once fleshed out, will certainly enhance the developer's experience beyond today's IDE features which revolve mainly around code-completion and code refactoring. This JSR milestone deliverable is showing Oracle's continuing commitment to the JCP in general and to Java EE and JSF in particular.


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