New GlassFish Porting Series - Module Loading Order


I'd rather the world was not in such a deep financial mess, but Innovation Loves a Crisis, and we are very busy with new customers that want to move away from expensive proprietary solutions... and we are not alone: I presented on this to a large SI last week and to another one next week.

One of the people working on the porting effort is Sekhar, and he just started a new series on Java EE Module Loading Order - see Part I. He promises more entries; previous entries are tagged switch.

Re: the photo at left is a rendering of a large celestial impact that caused the Cretaceous Tertiary Extinction according to the Alvarez's hypothesis. In that analogy, the dinosaurs would be the proprietary app servers :-)

Added - Sekhar has published a new short entry on taglib-location discovered when porting from JBoss to GlassFish.


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