Modularity, OSGi, Java EE 6, developer-focused, etc. Been there done that!

Clearly we must have been something right since we shipped GlassFish v3 in December 2009.

It has almost been two years since we released our first modular (OSGi-based), production-ready, and fully compatible Java EE 6 implementation and our closest competitors have roadmaps [1], [2] that just read like the feature list from that old release of ours.


Of course we're not standing still. Rather, we've released three releases since v3 (3.0.1, 3.1 and 3.1.1) and we're now taking GlassFish to the cloud with virtualization and PaaS features. Check out this JavaOne 2011 demo if you haven't already!

You know what they say about imitation... (and in the end Java EE is the winner).


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